The Collection

I started collecting video games and video game paraphernalia back in 2009. Facebook tells me it was the 5th July to be precise and the one that started it all, the piece in question, was this:

Nintendo Entertainment System 'Action Set'

The one that started it all.

I first got my hands on one of these back in 1990. I was 6 years old and it was a typically hot Christmas morning in Perth,WA. From that moment on the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ theme would be forever etched in my brain.da..da..da.da.da.da…..daaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhrrrgg! Fast forward 19 years and for some reason I felt like taking a trip down memory lane. Curse you eBay, Curse your $175 Nintendo Action Set. Did you ever stop to think about what it might do to me eBay? No, not once. You just took my money and dispensed that sweet…sweet…nostalgia kick.

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