Primal Carnage Extinction


Release Date: April 2015 on PC and Oct/Nov 2015 on PS4

Platforms: PC, PS4


My Role: 3D Artist/Animator



Portable Sentry Turret

This sentry turret was created for a game called Primal Carnage Extinction on PC and PS4. I designed,meshed,rigged,animated,textured,and did an initial AI implementation for it in UE3 script. Check out the following video (Primal Carnage Extinction PS4 Launch Trailer) to see it in action(just after the 50 second mark).

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Electric Fence

The electric fence was a purchasable item for a proposed wave based game mode called ‘Horde’. The player would essentially have the option to buy defences using points earned through successful completion of the previous waves. The fence option would offer temporary protection allowing the player to survive for longer periods against increasingly difficult waves of dinosaurs. It could also be upgraded, increasing its effectiveness as well as adding new features.

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