So, several years ago I bought a collection of synthesizers. I discovered a website called ‘Think Geek’, and while trawling through their catalogue, I came across an interesting device called the ‘Kaossilator’.

After a little more research, and some saving, I picked one from my local Allans Music store.

It was is an awesome little device and was the creation of the Japanese company ‘KORG’. They described it as a ‘Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer’. It’s basically a single bank loop recorder with in built sounds and an arpeggiater. You can stack an almost infinite number of sounds and effects into your loops.

I actually hacked mine a little and added an additional (and easier to reach/use) record button, as well as a ‘Hold’ switch. I may go into the details of the electronics in another post.

The Kaossilator(Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer)

To be honest, this wasn’t my first experience with KORG. A couple of years earlier, I had used the KORG DS-10 software on my Nintendo DS. I had a lot of fun with it but it was limited in that you couldn’t save out your creations for use beyond the DS itself.

Turning your Nintendo DS into a pocket synthesizer

So I experimented with the Kaossilator for a little while and made some simple audio sketches. I loved it so much that I decided to save up and buy the rest of the family.

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I created many sketches. Several of them were grungy industrial electronic beats and it soon became apparent that my creations were heavily influenced by games I had played as a kid during the early 90’s. Here is a small sample of what I mean.

Then one day, I sat down at my desk, and after a few hours experimenting with a collection of interconnected synthesizers and effects processors, I ended up with this:

It wasn’t much, but there was something about it that intrigued me… So, I continued to refine what I had and after several more hours of experimentation, this happened:

At the time, I called it ‘Beautiful Ghost’. The samples were created over 4 loop banks, each with multiple layers, but the thing that made it special was that ethereal melody.

It was 2012, and I was very busy with study and various other work, leaving ‘Beautiful Ghost’ to gather dust in the microSD card onto which it was recorded.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, almost 5 and a half years later, I was looking through old blog posts, when I came across the above audio snippet. After playing it, I had a creative spark and I spent the next 5 hours creating a composition from those original samples.

For those interested, I used Audacity and Audition in the production of the music. The video was produced using Premiere and After Effects.

The result can be heard on YouTube:

Beautiful Ghost (Shortened Version)

It’s a fast and funky piece, short and sweet, with a heavenly melody.

I hope you enjoy listening to the long overdue ‘Beautiful Ghost’ from Creation Through Chaos.