In recent weeks, I decided to revisit an old project that I had started towards the end of 2012. ‘The Engine’ that I built all those years ago was not all that I wanted it to be. I had left it in a rather sorry state. When I opened up the Max file, I was greeted with a piece of work that was clearly in need of some attention.

The mesh was a mess, and the design was borne out of what I could achieve at the time rather than what I really wanted to build.

So, a few weeks ago I set myself a challenge…..

I was going to rebuild the engine to a professional quality, and I was going to do it without referencing any external sources on Mechanics or Engine design. In other words, My years of experience working on and building engines in real life was my only reference.

I have been very busy with work recently, so the project has been very much on the side. I am still a little ways off completion, but it’s coming along rather nicely.

I still have a Diaphragm Carburetor and top end lubrication system to design, as well as all of the fixings and general polish.

Here is a sneak peek at the progress thus far.