Create a sticker pack for Viber inspired by your favorite city


Towards the end of 2015, I caught wind of an art competition to create a set of stickers for the chat program ‘Viber’. The theme was, ‘Inspired by your favorite city’ and a friend and I started brainstorming to come up with some ideas for stickers that could represent Melbourne. We settled on a few that we felt were, ‘quintissentially Melbourne’, and then set about bringing them to life.

The final submission can be seen below.

The exciting adventures of Sir Hugsalot
the travelling bear.
My city: Melbourne
Melbourne welcomes all with open arms and open heart with its rich multicultural history. This little bear named Sir Hugsalot was born in Melbourne with love and he would give you a hug when you need one 🙂
He likes to start the day with a cup of good coffee every morning just like the rest of the Melbournians! There are so many good coffee places in Melbourne and Sir Hugsalot is spoilt for choice.
There is one thing Sir Hugsalot is not too sure about and that is the Melbourne weather, he can never get it right!
Everybody loves Melbourne!

You can check out the submission here.

 -Chad Mulroney