Rebound Environmental Assets : Atmosphere Turbine

I have been working on a few things over the last several months and after hitting a few walls with one of them, decided to knock out a few quick level assets for one of our current projects. Trawling through some concept art on Rebound led me to a particular level paint over done by one of our contract concept artists. It looks like some sort of high end commercial air conditioning vent and given the context of the project in question, I decided to reference it as such.


Initial Rebound level ‘paint over’ concept by Adrienne Giuliano

It took a couple days of meshing, UV work, and Hi Poly creation but it was a relatively straightforward process. I only had one image to go on but it was enough to provide me with a general idea on where to go with it.

I decided to create the ‘Atmosphere Generator’ in 3 parts,

  • The base
  • The primary turbine housing and,
  • The turbine itself.

The concept hinted at a structure that could be raised or lowered so I designed it accordingly.

The internal unit can raise or lower to change the profile. This could also allow for an interesting game play dynamic and provided the level designer with the option of a ‘dynamic’ structure to work with.

The turbine mesh can be attached and rotated as needed. It actually looks pretty cool.


The development of an Atmosphere Turbine Mesh for Rebound from initial mesh (A) through to a near completed hi poly mesh (D)

The styling was an interpretation of the Japanese / Blade Runner inspired ideas explored for one of the teams. The text simply reads ‘Sky Turbine’.

I designed it to hint at elements found in a real world refrigeration unit. Compressors, coils, expansion valves, radiators and heat sinks, to name a few.

Given it’s such a large object in game, it needed a reasonable amount of mesh detail, but it still remains reasonably optimised for the console ports. The lo Poly meshes have a combined value of around 5500 tris.