A brief look at building a 3D Printer from a kit

My first 3D printer arrived on Thursday evening…. I love building things and had limited disposable cash so naturally, I opted for the kit version.Bonus!

I started the build on Thursday night but didn’t get far as some of the wooden pieces were missing holes and others were drilled incorrectly.There were even a few that seemed to be the wrong size so I decided to leave the build(at about 2am)and start fresh later on Friday morning.

The build took me most of Friday. I had to modify a few of the pieces to allow it to work as intended, and  disassemble, change, and then reassemble a few of the mechanisms (due to issues with the quality of the wooden parts), but by Friday evening I had completed the printer. If those few wooden parts had been issue free then it probably would have taken me about 4 hours to build rather than the entire day but on the bright side, adversity builds character right? The first print was completed on Friday evening.

Saturday was ‘Calibration Day’ and bar the few hours I was at work, was mostly spent printing and tweaking settings and the hardware(tightening cable ties and x/y axis lines and leveling the build platform).


The unit itself is fantastic(parts issues aside) and the print quality is quite good although I have a little more tweaking to do to get it just right.


Sunday is ‘I have lots of other important work stuff to do’ day and so I will bring you a more detailed write-up on the build sometime in the near future.